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The Kate Stokes Scholarship

The scholarship is available to selected students who have demonstrated consistent progress achieving significantly high standards. A decision as to which students best meet the criteria is made by the benefactor in consultation with the Director.

  • 2018 Recipients: Lucinda Young, Luke Di Donna, Maya-Anne Sleegers
  • 2019 Recipients: Claudia Clyne, Luke Di Donna
  • 2020 Recipient: Holly Inglis
  • 2021 Recipients: Amelia Hopkins, Alana Vince
  • 2022 Recipients: Annalisa Diekmann, Joanna Jung, Harrison Woodcock
  • 2023 Recipients: Taylor Candlett, Isabella Lockyer

Simon Lee Foundation

The Simon Lee Foundation has generously supported the College since 2000 and provides merit-based Perth dance scholarships across all levels of study. Scholarships are announced at year-end and are valid to offset part of the following year’s tuition costs.

  • 2005 Recipients: Autilia Antonucci, Timothe Audin, Bianca Grafton, Timothy Harford, Madeline Myson, Kirsten Romeo
  • 2006 Recipients: Bianca Grafton, Paige Macliver, Jessica Rogerson, Kirsten Romeo, Georgina Rowse, Jessi-Sue Steyntjes, Sue-Mae Watt
  • 2007 Recipients: Adam Alzaim, Veronica Formentin, Rhianna Isard, Brodie James, Jessi-Sue Steyntjes
  • 2008 Recipients: Adam Alzaim, Timothe Audin, Veronica Formentin, Rhianna Isard, Keshia Ollivierre
  • 2009 Recipients: Brooke Fipps, Keshia Ollivierre, Nicole Ostler, Brantley-Marie Philpot, Elizabeth Scott
  • 2010 Recipients: Keshia Ollivierre, Nicole Ostler, Brantley-Marie Philpot, Sean Williams
  • 2011 Recipients: Jessica Cruse, Jessica Evans, Emily Gardiner, Demi Rawling, Sean Williams
  • 2012 Recipients: Jessica Bafile, Thomas Bell, Jessica Cruse, Nicole Ostler
  • 2013 Recipients: Johanna Camargo, Erin Chipps, Eimile Humphreys, Jayden White
  • 2014 Recipients: Iona Phimister, Clara Gozzetti, Isabelle Leclezio
  • 2015 Recipients: Louise Watson, Rachel Hammond, Rhiana Chan
  • 2016 Recipients: Eleanor Boyle, Louise Watson, Rachel Hammond
  • 2019 Recipients: Nikemie Dimitrov, Emily Kruger, Janella Nicoli, Ruby Read
  • 2020 Recipients: Nikemie Dimitrov, Julia Iso, Kristel Rebuelta
  • 2021 Recipients: Julia Iso, Maia Kim, Phoebe Sedgman, Miuccia Treasure, Anya Yong
  • 2022 Recipients: Sonja Braunl, Julia Iso, Phoenix Rowe, Phoebe Sedgman, Anya Yong
  • 2023 Recipients: Ava Boekhoorns, Katie Daly, Julia Iso, Phoebe Sedgman

Simon Lee Foundation Exceptional Achievement Scholarship

  • 2016 Recipient: Hana Watanabe
  • 2020 Recipient: Amelia Hopkins