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VIR2OZ in Tel Aviv

Ms Weller has been invited as Guest Teacher at the Summer Intensive Tel Aviv Israel as mentioned in a previous post. Here she reports back on the experience so far, as well as a few photos.

My first week at VIR2OZ in Tel Aviv has been an excellent experience.

The Summer School is very comprehensive with Pilates, Body Conditioning, Classical Ballet, Pointe Studies, Repertoire, Modern (here they call Contemporary Modern) and GA GA which is a worldwide Contemporary style that originated in Israel.

There are three groups of students 12-14, 14-16 & 16+ approximately 30 or more in each group. Boys are given separate work each day after class.
The course is very efficiently run and all classes are to live accompanists.

I work mainly with the 16+ for class and 14- 16 for Pointe Studies.
The students are very receptive and fun to work with. They do not all speak English but a plié is a plié in any language and we manage to have a laugh which always helps.

I have been given a beautiful central apartment in a bustling boutique area which has interesting shops and super markets. $$$$$
The fruit here is exceptional and about all you want to eat in this heat. Now that is a bonus !!!!
The Director and the Administrator are great to work with and are taking very good care of me.

We do not work Friday and Saturday as it is their Sabbath and the week starts on Sunday.
Tomorrow I am off on a day’s tour to Masada and the Dead Sea where I will float on top of the water as if a feather.

Do hope you all enjoyed Conditioning and all the best for the start of Term 3
Missing you and look forward to being back in Week 2

 Ms Weller

LATEST UPDATE 20 July 2017

My last day in Tel Aviv 2 more classes to give and then the trip home via Istanbul & Bangkok.

This has been a memorable time and have met and worked with top people in their field.

Here at a Fruit Only party for all at VIR2OZ Summer School are the Classical Ballet faculty and administrator.

The fruit here by the way is excellent.

Ms Weller