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Perth Ballet & Dance Courses

 Our Perth ballet courses and dance courses include:

  • Introductory Dance Performance Course –IDPC
  • Vocational  Training  PL 1 to L8 which from L6 are Endorsed Ballet Programmes by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) extra- curricular
  • Private Coaching

Introductory Dance Performance Course – IDPC

In further recognition of the high standard of training provided by The Graduate College of Dance, the importance of classical training in the younger years, and in response to demand from parents, we have introduced an Introductory Dance Performance Course aimed at providing training for younger students wanting to attend the College and our dance studio.

From age four to nine this progressive carefully structured course prepares the interested and/or talented student to confidently audition for Vocational Training.
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Private Coaching

Private Coaching is available in Perth at the Graduate College of Dance to all students from Preparatory Level 1 to Postgraduates during a term and holiday breaks. We also offer private coaching to external dance students who could benefit from this service.
Private Ballet and Private Dance Coaching provides dancers with the opportunity to receive specialised one-on-one tuition to focus on specific areas such as:

  • Improving Technique
  • Body Conditioning
  • Repertoire / Classical Variations
  • Assessment and Examination work (internally)
  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examination syllabus
  • Audition preparation

Classes are 30 minutes to an hour pending dancer’s age and requirements.
For information on cost, or to book please email the Administration Office on  info@tgcd.com.au

RAD Exams

Preparation for RAD examinations is available at The Graduate College of Dance Perth as an extra-curricular activity. For further information please contact the administration office on 9380 0551. Conditions apply.

The Graduate College of Dance Endorsed Ballet Programme

The Curriculum Council have endorsed Perth Dance Courses at The Graduate College of Dance: Classical Ballet Level 6, The Graduate College of Dance: Classical Ballet Level 7 and The Graduate College of Dance: Classical Ballet Level 8. Students at The Graduate College of Dance completing these programs can count this learning towards their senior secondary graduation certificate – the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Students must be in Years 10, 11 and 12 academically to qualify).

Vocational Ballet Programme

TGCD Vocational Ballet Programme provides careful progressive training from Preliminary Level 1 (PL 1) to Level 8 (L8).
The first four years ( PL1,L1,L2,L3) focus on basic classical ballet technique, development of correct posture integrated with the latest methods of science of movement. Creative dance and music form part of the study with pointe work being introduced in Term 4 of L3 should the student have reached the appropriate age and physical requirements. Contemporary and Character dance are introduced in L4 Repertoire L5 with Spanish Dance in L6. Pas de Deux Training is an additional feature in L7 & 8.
Theoretical Studies start in L4 and include History of Ballet, Anatomy, Music, Ballet Technique and Theatre Studies.

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