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Introductory Dance Performance Course: Starting age 4

Students attend our fun but challenging children’s dance classes once a week on Saturday Mornings 9:00-10:30  (1 hour Classical Ballet Preparation/half an hour Creative Dance) during school term at The Graduate College of Dance in Subiaco. These are perfect ballet lessons for beginners and a fantastic ballet starting point in Perth.

Trial Classes

Trial classes are available upon request including our scheduled 2019 trial classes:

  • Term 1:  Sat 13 Apr 19
  • Term 2: Sat 6 July 19
  • Term 3: Sat 28 Sep 19

This will give you and your child an opportunity to experience a class before committing to the entire course. Please contact the office on 9380 0551 for details – prior booking essential.

We also offer regular open and orientation days for you to attend, view and ask questions about the IDPC classes. Please contact us for details of these.

The College offers gift certificates available for 1 hour custom one on one coaching sessions, as well as for contributions to the tuition costs. Contact us on 9380 0551 or email info@tgcd.com.au for further information.


Through participation in dance classes or childrens ballet classes at a professional ballet school or dance school, such as our introductory dance classes in Perth, children not only expand their movement vocabulary, developing control and skill of fundamental movements, but can develop self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as social skills. It is also important for children to be taught the correct basics of Classical Ballet, from an early age as ballet is the basis of all forms of dance.

Since 1973 The Graduate College of Dance in Perth has provided vocational classical ballet classes and dance training at an elite level. Due to the success of the vocational course for students aged 7-17 years of age, and requests for the College to provide Perth childrens dance lessons, the Introductory Dance Performance Course was developed to incorporate a syllabus specifically designed for younger students.

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Dancing Kids Classes (IDPC)- Feb 2014

Dancing Kids Classes 4 – 7 yrs (IDPC)

Christmas Secret Performance

Apart from having fun at Dancing Kids Classes, the benefits of students participating in this course are to:

  • Learn the correct basic techniques in ballet dancing taking into consideration a young developing body
  • Develop a joy of movement and freedom of expression in creative dance
  • Inspire the creativity of young imaginations, as well as supporting and developing young minds
  • Encourage individualism and teamwork with our introductory dance classes
  • Talent Identification by qualified and professional ballet staff in a relaxed and fun atmosphere
  • Pathway to Vocational Trainings

The Introductory Dance Performance Course

is an introductory children’s ballet and children’s dance class taught by senior faculty of the College, with years of experience in the dance profession, thereby ensuring young students get the best start in a disciplined, but caring environment. This can provide the incentive to move on to more advanced training and while the key focus is on the physical and learning benefits a class such as this can provide, the qualified staff at The Graduate College of Dance are always on the lookout for talented youngsters they can encourage to Vocational Level.

Students will take part in Term 1&2 Assessments,Term 3 Performance Examination (executed on stage with an audience) end of year production if they have commenced the course prior to Term 4.

No audition required, students can join any time of the year. For further information or an enrolment form please contact the administration office on 9380 0551 or info@tgcd.com.au.


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